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Faculty Suite Coordinators

Suite coordinator contacts are also available in the Campus Directory, held at the Circulation Desk next to the phone.
Faculty members' suite assignments can be found in their library records.

Suite A
Harriet Farrar
Ext. 6059

Suite B
Amy Paul
Ext. 6259

Suite C
Linda Asselin
Ext. 6263

Suite F
Lucie Koretsky
Ext. 6464

Suite G
Jane St. Onge
Ext. 6462

Suite H
Eileen McAuliffe
Ext. 6236

Suite J
Cleo Lindgren
Ext. 6234

Diane Costa
Ext. 6366

Suite K
Joanne Socci
Ext. 6344

Suite L
Sue Wandyes
Ext. 6232

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